All your #power_weeder needs, from foundation to #tiller in hundreds of different #weeders and its #weeding responsibility. Its works like #inter-cultivator because of this its also called #inter-#cultivator. Power weeder is not just used for weeding purpose in #sugarcane and other #crops but also #useful in #ploughing, #weeding, #soil_digging, #soil_loosening, #pumping and also you can use it as #bund_maker in the #field of #agriculture. You can use it for #gardening for weeding,#tilling and bund making around the tree. But for these purpose you will have to buy #weeder_attachments which cost you extra.Some of them are #ridger, #single_plough, #double_plough, #5_tines_cultivator, #cage_wheel, #water_pump, #reversible_plough, #disk_plough, #sprayers_kit, #trolley, #thresher, #seed_cum_fertilizer_drill etc. Every #power_tiller_application have their own cost. #Power_weeder_attachments does not come with power inter-cultivator. Petrol crop cutter, brush cutter,grass cutter,weed cutter,shrub cutter,wheat cutter,rice plant cutter,maize cutter,crop harvester,crop trimmer,grass trimmer,hedge trimmer,petrol or electric power cutter,sugarcane cutter,Petrol Power Chain saw,Electric power chain saw,2 strock brush cutter,4 strock brush cutter,petrol power weeder,electric power weeder,petrol power tiller,electric power tiller,petrol power inter-cultivator,electric power inter-cultivator,Petrol sprayers and electric power sprayers,Aluminium sprayers, brass sprayers,brush cutter attachments,safety goggles,safety helmet,gardening tools,farming items or products,#2_hp_power_inter_weeder, #2.4_hp_power_weeder, #4_hp_power_weeder, #5_hp_power_weeder, #6_hp_power_weeder, #7_hp_power_weeder, #9_hp_power_weeder, #2_stroke_power_tiller_or_inter_cultivator, #4_stroke_power_tiller_or_inter-cultivator since 2017. We provide free shipping and deliveries in #Bhootpuri, #afzalgarh,#jaspur,#kashipur,#kashampur_garhi,#reher,#kadrabad,#kalagarh,#jamunwala,#suawala,#shergarh,#surajananagar,#kuakhera,#thakurdwara,#moradabad,#meerut,#gajraula,#noorpur,#chandpur, #morna,#sherkot,#harewali,#nagina,#dhampur,#najibabad,#nehtaur,#bijnor,#jhalu,#haldaur and near by areas in sole #district_Bijnor. We deliver #farming and #gardening #equipment's.

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Trishul Farm Master- Spraying,seeding,loading and can be used as mini tractor- All in one (tf480m)

Trishul farm master is basically a type mini tractor but different in designing which is available in Bijnor now at affordable price.

Note- We accept order through our website only for this product.

Trishul Farm Master is a king of farming and now it is available in 3 wheeler and four wheeler and have many optional accessories for attaching in it like trolley for loading work. Seed drill for sowing seed and tractor mounted sprayers for sprinkling in the farming. It is multi use agriculture machine .

Technical Specification:

Engine types- Greaves

Cooling system- Air cooled

Engine HP- 16 hp

Diesel consumption- 650 Ml/Hours(Approx)

Engine capacity- 510 cc

Type- 4 stroke

Start- self/rope start


No. of cylenders- 1(one)

Engine RPM- 3000 RPM

Length- 7.5 Feet

Width-3 Feet

Height-4 Feet

Wheel base- 5 Feet,4 Inch(64 Inch)

Ground Clearance- 10 Inch

Track Width- 32* Inch & 24* Inch

Weight- 440 Kg

Clutch- Dry,Friction plate

Gear- 4 Forward & 1 Reverse

Minimum Turning Radius-3.8 Meters

Front Tyre-(3 Wheeler)3.25*19(3 Ply)

Front Tyre-(4 Wheeler)4.50*10(6 Ply)

Rear Tyre-6.0*16(8 Ply)

Brakes- Mechanical

Diesel Tank Capacity-14 Liter

Battery-12v/35 Ah

Hydraulic system- Jack Type

7 hp mini tiller,four wheel drive,self propelled,212 cc Gasoline Engine (WBN-159F)

Tiller or rotor or power weeder are used in agriculture for removing weeds,shrubs and ploughing and soil loosening.

7 hp mini tiller,four wheel drive,self propelled,212 cc description are below-

Technical Specifications:

Displacement- 212 cc

Power Output- 7 hp/3600 rpm

Tillage Depth- 150mm

Tillage Width- 800mm

Gross Weight- 86 Kg

Size MM- 1640*800*870

Gear-1 Forward and 1 Reverse gear

Fuel Used- Petrol

Stroke- 4 Stroke Engine

Tiller Type- Rear Tiller with lid or soil guard

Tiller Accessories you will get with - Rotatory Blade

₹95,359  Inc Tax
Are you looking for Intercultivator_in_Bijnor
Sugarcane inter-cultivator for digging and ploughing soil in agriculture sector (ic50420M)

Sugarcane inter-cultivator for digging and ploughing soil in agriculture sector. Inter-cultivator are useful for agriculture and sugarcane field ploughing,digging and weeding because of this it is sometimes called power weeder. It cleans shrubs, weeds and grass .The Power Tiller is one of the many farm mechanization inputs. Unlike tractors, power tillers are non-controversial so far as the displacement of labour is concerned. In fact power tiller sets all such controversies at rest since it engages more labour per unit of land than tractor and bullock farms and is particularly useful in the intensive cultivation of paddy, wheat and other cash crops as has been the experienced in Japan, Tiwan and some Far East countries.

Products- Power Weeder


Engine- 7 HP

Fuel Used- Petrol

Tilling Width 40-60 cm

Tilling Depth 10-15 cm

Engine Type OHV 4-stroke

Max Output 6.5HP/3600rpm

Displacement 196cc

Fuel Tank Capacity 3.6L
₹63,999  Inc Tax
Professional Mini Cultivator or Weed Eater or inter-cultivator in 2 stroke engine (380440)

Professional Mini Cultivator or Weed Eater or inter-cultivator in 2 stroke engine available in Bijnor Uttar-Pradesh.

Our Mini power weed eater is all about this.

This weeder come with 2 hp 2 cycle engine with 52 cc .

Its have finger tips control.

Its about 5 points depths adjustments and beefed up gearbox,heavy duty clutch,retractable wheels,dual weighted crank,doubled ringed and piston and much more.

₹17,919  Inc Tax
Can I buy 4 hp power cultivator in bijnor
Can I buy 4 hp power inter-cultivator in Bijnor ? (117148)

Can I buy 4 hp power cultivator in Bijnor ?
4 HP Power Weeder/inter-cultivator/Tiller
4 HP Power Weeder-Useful for inter cultivation and step cultivation suitable for horticulture and plantation crops.
Its uses in dry-land and wetland operations.

4 HP Power Weeder Technical Specification-

Engine Model- 1G78F
Engine Type- vertical stroke,diesel air cooled engine.
Engine Power- 4HP@2800 RPM
Gear Speed- 1 forward and one reverse
Weight- 100KG
Acre/Hr- 0.2-0.3
Fuel Consumption- 0.5 Ltr/Hr
Depth of cut- 6 Inch
Width of cut- 2.5(Max)

2 hp petrol engine mini power weeder in 1 feet rotor having 16 tines in red color (mpw10203)


2 hp petrol engine mini power weeder in 1 feet rotor having 16 tines in red color used for digging soft soil and clean weeds in the sugarcane or garden .
You can use it as mini power weeder for sprinkling soft soil or as a weed eater in the farming sector.
It is very easy to use it.
Its have one forward gear only.
Its have unique feature for starting in cold and warm season.
This is now available at affordable price in Bijnor uttar pradesh.
You can come at MK Krishi Yantra kalagarh road bhootpuri Bijnor up.

5 HP Power Tiller_bijnor,5 hp soil drylander_bijnor, 5 hp soil wetlander_bijnor,soil loosening machine-tools_Bijnor
5 HP Power Tiller_soil drylander_soil wetlander_soil loosening machine-tools_Bijnor (35190)

5 HP Power Tiller/soil drylander/soil wetlander/soil loosening machine-tools
5 HP Power Tiller-powered by MK Krishi Yantra Bijnor light weight and low in vibration. Useful for inter-cultivation and step-land cultivation.
5 HP Power Tiller-balance operation and light weight specially built for puddling operation in sinking soil with attractive price.

Technical Specification-

Engine Model- 178F
Engine Type- single cylinder,vertical 2 stroke,diesel air cooled engine.
Engine Power- 5HP@2800 RPM
Weight- 1000KG
Acre/Hr- 0.2-0.3
Depth of cut- 8 Inch
Width of cut- 3.5(Max)
Type of Product Intercultivator
Fuel Used Diesel
Fuel Tank Capacity 4 L
Fuel Consumption 800 ml/hr
Number of Gears 2 Forward, 1 Reverse (in high) &2 Forward, 1 Reverse (in low)
Displacement 296 cc
Rated Power 4.1 kW
Rated Speed 3600 (Engine RPM) & 300 (Rotavator RPM)

KY170F-4 Stroke Gasoline Power Cultivator/Rotor/Tiller in 7 HP online first time in Bijnor UP (APC95FQ)
4 Stroke Gasoline Power Cultivator/Rotor/Tiller in 7 HP online first time in Bijnor UP.


    Cast iron transmission box with high-strength and durable performance.
    High-strength and high wear-resistant specialized tiller chain with 3 times longer working life.
    Adjustable handlebar to meet different requirements.
    Grass cutter can be attached by adding 3 pulleys and connecting shaft.

Product Specification:-

Type of Product : Power Cultivator
Fuel Tank Capacity : 3.6 Ltr
Displacement : 212 cc
Model No : APC95FQ
Dimension : 695 x 445 x 825 mm
Net Weight : 75.5 Kgs
Gross Weight : 86 Kgs
Blades : 3 Pieces and 4 Groups Dry Blades
Wheels : 4.00-8
Tilling Depth : ≥100 mm
Color : Orange
Transmission : Belt and Chain
Productivity : ≥0.04 hm²/h
Engine Model : KY170F Gasoline Engine, 4 Stroke
Engine Output : 7 HP (5.1 kW)
No Load Spped : 3600 RPM
Package : Wooden Box
Tilling Width : 950 mm
Clutch : Belt Tension Clutch
Gear Shifting : R: 1, F: 1, 2
Bore x Stroke : 70 x 55 mm
Starting : Recoil
₹37,999  Inc Tax
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