2 HP Power Weeders

2 HP Power Weeder in Binor-2 HP Power Weeder most commonly used in the field of agriculture because of their attributes. First of all it is very cheap in price, second it takes low space,third it is low petrol consumption machine, fourth low weight, fifth it works like other weeder or tiller in depth 4-6 inch and width 6-10 inch. Like other inter-cultivator it has light capacity but all other things likes same.

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Professional Mini Cultivator or Weed Eater or inter-cultivator in 2 stroke engine (380440)

Professional Mini Cultivator or Weed Eater or inter-cultivator in 2 stroke engine available in Bijnor Uttar-Pradesh.

Our Mini power weed eater is all about this.

This weeder come with 2 hp 2 cycle engine with 52 cc .

Its have finger tips control.

Its about 5 points depths adjustments and beefed up gearbox,heavy duty clutch,retractable wheels,dual weighted crank,doubled ringed and piston and much more.

₹15,359  Inc Tax
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2 HP Power Tiller_soil drylander_soil wetlander_soil loosening machine-tools_Bijnor (PRF00268)

2 HP Power Weeder-There are a lot of power weeder available in market but client have an issue to choose one of them according to their needs and requirements for farming their field era in low cost and low petrol consumption.
Another problem they are facing to find a good shop,trader,enterprise or entrepreneur in Bijnor and near by areas for buying power weeder,brush cutter,power sprayers,chain saw and much more at low cost. only MK-Krishi-Yantra trader and wholesaler in district bijnor deliver agriculture equipment's at affordable price with free delivery and promise to shipping in 24 hours in sole district Bijnor and its nearby district.

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