Manual Sprinklers

Manual sprinklers sprinkles pesticides in farm very easily. It have to run manually or by hand .There is no chances to leave deed without the spray. We mean there is no interruption in spraying in the field. It can be run by man power, So its work till man power goes down.The best talk about knapsack manual sprayers is its lowest price in the market .

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Manual knapsack spray machine(Spray Pump) with 16 litter tank and 3 free different nozzles (kk-16mkky)


1-The sprayer is suitable for Agriculture, Garden, Public disinfection.
2-It is widely applied for pesticide control of foodstuff, cotton, vegetables, and orchard as well as environment sanitization and epidemic prevention of public, hotels, stations and feeding site of poultries and livestock.
3-hole nozzle for fog, spraying diameter near 140mm.
4-hole nozzle for fog, watery, spraying distance can be adjusted according to demand. Spraying diameter(fog) near 100mm, spraying distance 0-3.5M.
5-hole nozzle for a wide range, good atomization effect, spraying diameter near 130mm.
If users want to spray for high crop or trees, we can change parts to spraying gun or make the pressure higher (change high-pressure pump).

On-Off Sprayer Switching

Pressure Control Valve is available to choose.
One sprayer comes with four different kinds of nozzles.
There is a different kind of sprayer lance can be choose
Brass lance, Aluminum lance, Stainless steel lance, Telescopic lance Etc
Product Specifications

Type of Product Manual Sprayer
Model No KF-16
Capacity 16 Litre
₹1,574  Inc Tax
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