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Wheatwacker or chopper with tap n go and paddy attachments in 2 stroke engine (497303)

Wheatwacker or chopper with tap n go and paddy attachments in 2 stroke engine
Brush cutter Features:-
- Heavy Duty Brush Cutter / Grass Cutter
- Easy to Start Low Noise and emission
- Perfect balance and an excellent weight-to-power ratio.The rigid drive shaft, durable gear head and aluminum post ensure top-performance all day.
- Powerful 2 Stroke 43CC Engine with 1L Fuel Capacity(mix 40ml 2T oil per Ltr petrol)
- 2 Stroke Engine
- Single Cylinder
- Diaphragm Carburetor
No Load Speed 2800-3200 Rpm
Displacement 45.0 cc
Rated Power 1.55 KW
Fuel Tank Capacity 950 Ml

4 stroke electric N petrol bushes cutter and farm machinery manufacturer (C12K00)

4 stroke electric or petrol bushes cutter now available in Bijnor Uttar Pradesh. It is used in bijnor uttar pradesh as wheat reaper and weed eater in the farming sector.
Product Description-
Product type- brush cutter
Product name- wheat reaper
Engine-4 stroke
Engine oil Used- 4T (1:40)
Machine Type- Side-pack
Warranty- No
Package contains- 3 T blades,60 T blades, Nylon Trimmer,crop guards,toolkit,manuals.

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welding goggles in black color in bijnor up
Welding goggles and spectacles in clear black color for men eye wearing (ZM0101)

Welding goggles and spectacles in clear black color for men wearing-

Product details:

Frame Colour Clear/black
Lenses Material Plastic
Gender Male

Product description:

Features: Cost effective and tough safety goggles. Superior eye protection Suitable for industrial use. Adjustable frame to fit size. Available in clear/black.

₹51  Inc Tax
brush cutters with nylon cutter and tillers
Top quality professional farming multi crop or fodder harvester with 8" tct circular saw blade and tiller attachments (FMYK6080)

Top quality professional farming multi crop or fodder harvester with 8" tct circular saw blade and tiller attachments,nylon cutter and 3 T Blade.

This crop cutter called multi crop harvester because it have multiple attachments and applications used in brush cutter for cutting multi crop like wheat,rice,urad,fodder, plant pruning,tree trimming,rotor attachments for clean weeds from farm like sugarcane,urad,masoor all type pulses and much more .It can used as weed eater, shrub trimmer, plant pruner,tiller in sugarcane and much more crop like above .

Products Specifications-

  • Brand New In Box
  • Available In blue color
  • Outer Material: plastic
  • Inner Material: Iron and Aluminium
  • Engine: 2 Stroke 
  • Displacements: 43 cc
  • Fuel used: petrol
  • Fuel Ratio: 50 ml 2 T engine oil in 1 litter petrol
  • Speed: 2800 RPM
  • Shaft: 28 mm
  • Accessories: Rotor or tiller attachments ,60 T Tct Blade, 3 T Blade,Nylon cutter,Baffle Paddy,Manuals,Tool Kits
  • Warranty: No
4 Stroke brush cutter comes in low vibration N low noise and low fuel consumption (PRF00271)

4 Stroke brush cutter comes low vibration,low noise and low fuel consumption service. It uses advanced and innovative technology which save fuel,time and have very low vibration.

'4 stroke wheat reaper' 4 stroke wheat reaper used in cutting wheat and multi crop at low price and it saves cost for the peasant.

4 Stroke petrol brush cutter or wheat harvester or chopper comes with three blades,paddy guards,toolkit and manuals.

Engine: 4 Stroke
Oil: 4 T (1:40)
Packing: One 3 T Blades, One 60 T blades, One Tap N Go, toolkit,manuals.
Millage: 300 Ml to 900 Ml per hour
Warranty: No
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Farm machines and their uses- 4 stroke rice cutter or multi crop cutter (Ck0010)

There are many machines today manufacturing in India for the farmer which is trying to make available at best price in the industries but still these machine are vary costly for the farmer.

Because of this today we going to introduce very useful machines for the farmer at best price. This machines have many names cause of its multi uses in the farming. Some farmer called it wheat reaper,brush cutter,rice cutter,paddy cutter,crop cutter,multi fodder cutter,whey harvester etc.

Product Introduction:
Brand Name- yking.
Product type: Brush cutter
Engine- 4 stroke
Engine Oil- 4 T One liter petrol mix 40 Ml 4 T oil
Millage- 350 ml to 900 ml per hour
Used in - wheat cutting,rice,whey millet,grass cutting etc.
Optional- 3 T blades,60 T blades, tap n go,paddy guards,toolkit,manuals

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Gehu katane ki machine(Brush Cutter or wheat Harvester) self propelled weed cutter in straight shaft (CK0009)

Brush cutter used for cutting wheat,rice,paddy,millet and fodder and any type of crop which is cutting able. Brush cutter comes with many features and technology . Every brush cutter comes with three blades. Product Name: Brush Cutter
Fuel Used: Petrol
Millage: 450 ml to 1 ltr per hour
Accessories: 3 T blades,60T blades,Nylon Cutter,toolkit,manuals,paddy harvester.
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Side-pack weed eater and paddy cutter or reaper or harvester with tap n go and 3 T blades and paddy guards and 60 T circular saw blades (CK0010)

MK Krishi Yantra was launched in October of 2017 and proposed as a new classic for the modern agriculture , aged from 25 to 70.
The name itself is programmatic and unambiguous, like an English translation of MK by Mudit Kumar. Simple, brief, to the point. You are going to agriculture the essence of masculinity if you are to take your cue from the name of the farming. The packaging is sleek, modernist, with an architectural sense of proportions and looks good. The brush cutter was created by YKing in collaboration with consultant. All these merchants are old hands at marketing successful mainstream brush cutter.
Manufacturer offers therefore a mainstream brush cutter palatability but without coming across as depersonalized. It plays the distinctiveness card, but in a well reined in manner. The brush cutter a typical masculine fresh and innovative crop cutter, harvester and reaper around the linear heart of the paddy reaper which itself is cutting machine, cutter, and harvester enough to feel modern and innovative technology in farming.
This paddy reaper cut accord is made even more seductive thanks to just the right amount of cutting technology, which never clarifies the brush cutter but on the contrary helps to deepen the cutting technology sensation.
Brush cutter comes with some blades-
3T blades
60T blades
Nylon Cutter
Paddy Guards
Tiller Attachments

Buy bushes cutter or weedwacker n shreder and wheat reaper or rice harevster (CK0011)

It's a concert on a hot summer day. The farmer is set and the farm work about to start. Feel the breeze, catch the vibe, and move to the beat with the pulsating energy of this limited-edition wheat reaper. A unisex brush cutter, it is fresh, clean, and easy to run. The weedwacker comes with a burst of crisp cutter. In the heart notes, an invigorating blend of green grass and the labor charges effect of wheat crop. A base of exotic incense and earthy oakmoss is wrapped in the light, global warmth effecting farmer farming , musk, and peach skin, thats why there is ned for technology in the farming now. If you want to reduce your expenses in the farming for cutting multiple crop then you should go for brush cutter. one brush cutter works as a ten men. So go for it.
Why to buy brush cutter from MK Krishi Yantra:-
1- Reduce your labor cost
2- Saves peasants times
3-Save money
4-Zero waiting time for cutting your crop
5-Multi crop cutter
6- Farmer can also use it as a weed eater
7-Use it for tree cutting
8-Use brush cutter for pumping
9- You can use it for shrubs cutting
10-MK Krishi Yantra offer you best price in the industries guaranteed.

Every wheat reaper comes with three blades,toolkit,manuals etc.

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ELECTRIC POWER SPRAYERS_bijnor,SPRAY-MACHINE_bijnor,BATTEY OPERATED SPRAY_bijnor,ELECTRICITY OPERATED SPRAYERS_Bijnor,where to buy  electric spray machine in Bijnor,double battery and double pump sprayers in Bijnor,How to buy sprayers in bijnor


Electric Power Sprayers-It is battery operated power sprayers now available in Bijnor. Basically it is used for omitting crops from pests.It comes with unique features for spraying.

Out of Stock
₹4,095  Inc Tax
Grass cutting equipment for sale- Brush cutter as an option (601232)

Brush cutter can trim grass easily and it is also available at affordable and best price in Bijnor Uttar Pradesh.
Product Information-
Product Name- brush cutter
Engine- 4 Stroke Machine Type- Side-pack Engine Oil- 4 T Warranty- No Accessories- 3 T blades, 60 T blades,Nylon cutter,paddy guards,toolkit,manuals.

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mini tractor in bijnor uttar pradesh
7 hp petrol engine inter-cultivator with adjustable feature in 4 feet rotor bijnor uttar pradesh (558003)

Technical Specification:

7 hp petrol engine inter-cultivator with adjustable feature in 4 feet rotor now available in at affordable and competitive price bijnor uttar pradesh.
It comes in 4 stroke engine and have 207 displacements .
Its have recoil start system.its has transmission by belt and chain.
It also have 2 forward and 1 reverse gear shifting system.
it comes with armrest feature for adjustments of rotor from 1.5 feet to 3.5 feet.
its Fuel Consumption is 500 ml to 750 ml per hour.
its tilling depth is from 150 mm to 250 mm.
Its gross weight is 57 kg.
You also have an option for selecting optional accessories.
It comes in blue sky color.
It have 4 feet adjustable rotatory with it only but for optional accessories you have to pay extra.
. It is now available in bijnor at MK Krishi Yantra .

₹95,999  Inc Tax
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