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2 hp petrol engine mini power weeder in 1 feet rotor having 16 tines in red color (mpw10203)


2 hp petrol engine mini power weeder in 1 feet rotor having 16 tines in red color used for digging soft soil and clean weeds in the sugarcane or garden .
You can use it as mini power weeder for sprinkling soft soil or as a weed eater in the farming sector.
It is very easy to use it.
Its have one forward gear only.
Its have unique feature for starting in cold and warm season.
This is now available at affordable price in Bijnor uttar pradesh.
You can come at MK Krishi Yantra kalagarh road bhootpuri Bijnor up.

Backpack brush cutter with tiller attachments for weeding in farm (kn5048sn)


Backpack Multi Crop Brush Cutter with Tiller Attachment, 2-Stroke
Usage :

To harvest & soil tilling crops like paddy, wheat etc. and trim crops like mulbery, weeds, grass, parthenium etc.

Features :

Classic brush cutter ideal for professional Paddy Cutting.
Perfect balance and a excellent weight-to-power ratio.
The rigid drive shaft, durable gear head and aluminum post ensure top-performance all day.
Convenient swivel-post for any cutting positions.
Carburetor : Float-type, Ignition system : Solid state ignition

Specifications :

Product Type : Brush Cutter
Brand : Classic
Engine Type : 2-Stroke engine, Air cooled Engine
Displacement : 43 CC
Rated Power(kW) : 0.9 kW
Rated Power(HP) : 1.2HP
Weight of machine : 7.5kg
Fuel Used : Petrol
Fuel Tank Capacity : 700ml
Fuel Consumption : 500ml/hr
Oil (Mixing) : 75ml-100ml (20w40 Grade)
RPM : 10000

Accessories :
Tiller/Weeder/Cultivator Attachment,
Paddy Guard.
Paddy Cutting Blade
Tap n Go.
Nylon Trimmer.
Backpack Belt.
Oil Mixing Can.
Tool Kit.
Manual Book.
How to get wheat harvester or brush cutter or reaper and its uses? (ykingm1020)

How to get wheat harvester or brush cutter or reaper and its uses?
Now includes an excerpt from the upcoming brush cutter: A wheat harvester .

What if your whole world was a lie about wheat reaper uses ? What if multiple uses of brush cutter—like a single choice—changed everything? What if grass trimmer or wheat cutter and wheat harvetsre made you do things you never expected?
The explosive conclusion to brush cutter or wheat reaper or harvester bestselling Divergent technology reveals the secrets of the wheat cutter that has captivated millions of customer in using brush cutter and crop harvester.

Brush cutter comes with following items:
Paddy guards,3T blades,60T blades,Nylon tap N go
Fuel Used: Petrol
Millage: 500 ml to 1 ltr per hours
Warranty: No warranty
Please Note- Color may be vary from the images and we don't responsible for warranty if given by seller.
Where to buy brush cutter spare parts and tilling attachments for 4 stroke engine ? (PRF00269)

  • Where to buy brush cutter spare parts and tilling attachments for 2 stroke engine ?
  • For farming Use

Wheat Reaper is a innovative agriculture crop cutting machine.

This crop cutting machine called brush cutter or wheat reaper,Harvester,chopper,shreder etc.

Brush cutter comes in two types of engine 2 stroke and 4 stroke and have different type of designs also . Therefore 2 stroke engine divided into two type sidepack beush cutter and backpack brush cutter. Same for 4 stroke brush cutter it is also comes in sidepack brush cutter and backpack brush cutter.

Brush cutter can be used in cutting for multi crop like- wheat,rice,paddy,millet,whey etc..

Brush cutter specifications:
Product Types- Brush cutter
Engine- 4 stroke
Engine Oil- 4 T (1:40)
Design- Side-pack and back pack(It may be vary according to availability of the product)
Millage-350ml to 900 ml
Warranty- No
Cutting Area- 2 acre in 8 hours( Time may vary by brush cutter operator)
Fuel Used- Petrol
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