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78 CC Magnesium Body 22 Inch Gasoline Chainsaw-Petrol Whipsaw-Ripsaw-Crosscut-saw in bijnor uttar  pradesh
78 CC Magnesium Body 22 Inch Gasoline Chainsaw/Petrol Whipsaw/Ripsaw/Crosscut-saw (MB859CHSW)

Magnesium Body 22 Inch 78 cc Gasoline Chainsaw. Sometimes it is called by other name also like- Petrol Whipsaw,Ripsaw,Crosscut-saw.Whipsaw uses for cutting trees.You can cut tree till 22 inch in size. Sometimes back we were listening only about electric chain saw which can be run by diesel generator.Petrol Chainsaw has an easy-start 78cc engine and 55cm (22") Oregon blade, with automatic chain gear lubrication and a fast acting safety chain brake.

The 'Soft Start' 78cc 2-stroke engine is a great development in engine technology. Featuring electronic ignition and a diaphragm carburetor, very little effort is required to start this chain saw. Simply pull the cord slowly and gently.

The automatic oiling system means that chain lubrication is taken care of, just keep your eye on the fuel & oil levels and away you go.

Petrol Chainsaw Specifications:-

22" (550mm) Oregon blade
Soft start 78cc 2-stroke engine
Fast acting chain brake
Automatic chain gear lubrication
Recoil start with electronic ignition
Diaphragm carburettor
3-point anti-vibration handle
Chain-Original Oregon
Weight: 11kg
2-stroke Oil
Chain Oil
No warranty

The Chain Brake is a Brake to stop the chain going round. When the chainsaw is delivered the brake will be in the on position. It is very important that you familiarize yourself with the use of the Chain Brake. To take the brake off the brake lever should be pulled strongly towards the main handle. An audible click will be heard. Practice putting the brake on and off before you start the chainsaw. If you attempt to run the saw with the brake in the on position you will irreparably damage the machine.

Save yourself time and energy with this easy start chain saw. No more going red in the face attempting to start temperamental 2-stroke engines, whilst risking pulling out your shoulder!
₹14,719  Inc Tax
Moryatools Quality 52cc 2 Stroke Brush Cutter with Wheeled in Brown Box in bijnor uttar pradesh
Moryatools Quality 52cc 2 Stroke Brush Cutter with Wheeled in Brown Box (MT9324WHLD)

Moryatools quality 52 cc 2 stroke wheeled brush cutter. We deal in this type of grass trimmer. We deal in all type brush cutter like- 2 stroke trimmer,4 stroke strimmer,sidepack brush cutter,backpack grass reaper and trimmer,52cc brush cutter,43cc brush cutter,31cc brush cutter,35cc brush cutter,41cc brush cutter,40cc brush cutter etc.

Product Specification for Petrol Brush Cutter

Brand Name Moryatools

Fuel Tank Capacity : 1 litre

Cutting Diameter 305 mm


Engine Dimension : 300x300x335 mm

Pole Demension : 1650x110x110 mm

Displacement 52 CC (2.5 Cu-in)

Engine Type 2-stroke, over head cum single cylinder

Fuel Type gasoline

Ignition System Transistorized magneto ignition.

Item Weight Engine : 8 Kg

Pole : 2.5 Kg

Engine : MT 52W

Part Number MT52WHD

Power In hp 1.5

Ratio Compression Ratio : 8 : 1

Starter Recoil starter

Type Current type: 2 blade cutter

Warranty No

Key Features Cooling system : forced air.

Air cleaner : semi-dry type.

Brush Cutter Type : Wheeled.

Packing In : Brown Box

₹16,895  Inc Tax
Professional Mini Cultivator or Weed Eater or inter-cultivator in 2 stroke engine (380440)

Professional Mini Cultivator or Weed Eater or inter-cultivator in 2 stroke engine available in Bijnor Uttar-Pradesh.

Our Mini power weed eater is all about this.

This weeder come with 2 hp 2 cycle engine with 52 cc .

Its have finger tips control.

Its about 5 points depths adjustments and beefed up gearbox,heavy duty clutch,retractable wheels,dual weighted crank,doubled ringed and piston and much more.

₹17,919  Inc Tax
Manual knapsack spray machine with 16 litter tank and 3 free different nozzles (kk-16mkky)


1-The sprayer is suitable for Agriculture, Garden, Public disinfection.
2-It is widely applied for pesticide control of foodstuff, cotton, vegetables, and orchard as well as environment sanitization and epidemic prevention of public, hotels, stations and feeding site of poultries and livestock.
3-hole nozzle for fog, spraying diameter near 140mm.
4-hole nozzle for fog, watery, spraying distance can be adjusted according to demand. Spraying diameter(fog) near 100mm, spraying distance 0-3.5M.
5-hole nozzle for a wide range, good atomization effect, spraying diameter near 130mm.
If users want to spray for high crop or trees, we can change parts to spraying gun or make the pressure higher (change high-pressure pump).

On-Off Sprayer Switching

Pressure Control Valve is available to choose.
One sprayer comes with four different kinds of nozzles.
There is a different kind of sprayer lance can be choose
Brass lance, Aluminum lance, Stainless steel lance, Telescopic lance Etc
Product Specifications

Type of Product Manual Sprayer
Model No KF-16
Capacity 16 Litre
₹764  Inc Tax
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